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USTA National and USTA Southern Grants

North Carolina Tennis Foundation Grants

USTA North Carolina Grants

The following open-deadline grant opportunities are available to registered CTAs. Grant requests must be submitted at least one month prior to the date the activity is scheduled to occur. Activities must be initiated during the calendar year in which the grant is requested. Grant requests may be up to $1,000.00, unless otherwise indicated. A maximum amount of $15.00 per projected participant may be applied. An Accountability Form must be completed within 30 days after the completion of a program, project and/or receipt of Operations Grant.

Basic Requirements:

  1. Grant applicant must be a NC USTA Organizational Member to apply.
  2. All grant applications are to be sent directly to the USTA North Carolina office.

2018 League Materials Marketing Grant

Grant Requests should be made in conjunction with all local league coordinators in your area or your local NC Community Tennis Association (CTA). Checks will go through your CTA. This marketing grant is a maximum of $500. If grant is approved, please send receipts for ALL related purchases to Garrett Mansfield at garrett@nctennis.com

2018 NC BOGO Equipment Grant

This grant is available to CTAs, Jr. Team Tennis Programs, Local League Coordinators, 10 and Under Tournament Directors, Clubs or Parks and Recreation Departments that are:

  • Utilizing 10 and Under as a format of USTA North Carolina Jr. Team Tennis and/or
  • Hosting a North Carolina Sanctioned 10 and Under Tennis tournament or event.

This grant is also be available to School’s that have:

  • Participated in a USTA North Carolina  School Tennis Workshop and
  • Registered 2 Play Days on NetGeneration.com.

Widen the Base Grant

In an effort to continue to reach out to new players/potential players, USTA North Carolina is offering the “Widen the Base” grant. It is for CTA’s and agencies to apply for in order to do the work they need to do this year. No grant will be given to an individual, but will be given to an organization, preferably one that is a 501C3. 

Facility Assistance Grants
For help with Line Grants, facility improvement, resurfacing and/or new construction.

Funding Cateogry Description USTA National Contribtution
Line Grants Painting permanent 36' and 60' tennis lines on existing courts, paved areas, blacktops, playgrounds or gymnasiums. Up to 50 percent of total project cost ($4,000 maximum).
Category I Basic facility improvements, including fixed court amenities (i.e. backboards, fencing, windscreens, etc.) Up to 50 percent of total project cost ($4,000 maximum).
Category II Resurfacing of existing  36’, 60’ and 78' courts. Converting an existing 78' court to stand-alone 36' courts. Lighting. Up to 50 percent of total project cost ($10,000 maximum).
Category III New construction or existing facility reconstruction of 36’, 60’ and 78' courts. Up to 50 percent of total project cost ($20,000 maximum).














You must fill out a the facility assistance form first to initiate the USTA assistance process. Click here for the form

Community Tennis Association Operations Grant

Expenses associated with CTA operations including:

  • Start-Up Costs (Maximum of $750.00)
  • Equipment
  • Technology
  • Interns

Program Grant
Start-up or expansion of junior instructional and match play programs, such as:

  • USTA Jr. Team Tennis
  • School/after school tennis programs
  • NJTL programs

Start-up or expansion of adult and senior instructional and match play programs.
Start-up or expansion of wheelchair, or special populations, instructional and match play programs.

Parks and Recreation Grant
Grants are available to City/County Park and Recreation Departments through their local CTA.  (Exceptions may be granted for organizations that do not have a CTA in their community.)
Supporting start-up or expansion of programs conducted at city/county Park and Recreation facilities, for youth/adults/seniors that provide instruction and match play opportunity, including league play.

Multicultural Grant
Grants are also available to NJTL Programs and City/County Park and Recreation Departments through their local CTA. (Exceptions may be granted for organizations that do not have a CTA in their community.) Grants are to be used for special events or programs seeking to promote tennis to targeted audience. Funds may be used for costs incurred for marketing and promotion, instructors, translators, etc. Funds may also be used to host an NJTL Regional Rally.

Out of the Box Grant
To be used for new and innovative ideas to create exposure of participants to tennis. Request must indicate how funds will lead to the start-up/expansion of tennis programs in the local community.