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Youth Tennis Progression - 10 & Under

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If a 10U green player participates in a 12U green division of a Junior Team Tennis program, Participation Stars can be entered manually upon request. You can click here to submit the Participation Credit Request Form.

REMINDER : No stars/trophies are given for doubles play, singles only. No trophies in L6 tournaments.

This chart show the amount of stars a player receives for playing in each level and it corresponds with their current progression level. If you would like to see the participation stars for tournaments please refer to the YTP Chart.

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NEW 2018 Parent Resource Guide

10 & Under Guidelines for Officials/TDs 

Youth Progression FAQ Page

2018 L6 Tournament Voucher *

Junior Tournaments 101

* Eligible for players who have played in two Level 6 tournaments.

Vouchers are good for the first Level 5 tournament.