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2018 Community Tennis Development Workshop/NCTA Semi Annual Board Meeting

Come join us at the 2018 USTA North Carolina Community Tennis Development Workshop & Semi-Annual NCTA Board Meeting on September 28-29, 2018 at the Grandover Resort & Conference Center in Greensboro, NC. This dynamic workshop will provide an opportunity for all NC Community Tennis Association enthusiasts to come together to learn, share and network about our common passion: Community Tennis! This year’s workshop will include information that all CTAs, no matter what stage of development, need to be advised.

We have a special night planned on Friday night, September 28th. We invite you to join the NC Tennis Foundation in a special night of tennis, food and fun to honor our colleague, Mary Lloyd Barbera, who passed away in 2015. Prior to dinner from 5pm to 7pm, we will have a special night on the tennis courts at Grandover Resort with fun tennis and wonderful spectator treats! If you would like to play tennis from 5:30pm to 7pm please CLICK HERE to register (limited space available). There will be a $25 donation for the tennis that will go towards the NCTF Mary Lloyd Barbera Camp Scholarships. All proceeds go towards the NCTF Mary Lloyd Barbera Camp Scholarship fund!

To reserve a room at the Grandover Resort & Conference Center, CLICK HERE

Our USTA North Carolina Board of Directors passed a very generous Volunteer Support Policy with mileage reimbursement form. If this is applicable to you, please take advantage of this in a timely fashion.

CLICK HERE to see who is attending CTDW!

REMINDER: In order to receive credit for this workshop toward your CGPG grant, your CTA must be represented throughout ALL EDUCATIONAL SESSIONS at the North Carolina Community Tennis Development Workshop

CLICK BELOW to register and see the workshop schedule:




CTDW Guest Speaker: Adrian H. Wood, PhD

Adrian is a rural, Eastern NC mother of four - one with extra special needs. Past preschool teacher, nanny, children's ski instructor, early interventionist, college professor, early childhood researcher, wife and full time mama. In writing after a twenty year hiatus, she offers personal glimpses where satire meets truth, faith meets irony, despair meets joy and how this educated debutante escapes the laundry and finds true meaning in graceful transparency.
Her work can be found on her official website, Tales Of An Educated Debutante.
CLICK HERE to see Adrian's Full Bio

Philosophy: The future is far away and scary but today is lovely, wonderful and full of laughter. I choose to live with acceptance and hope, humor and tears, and thankfulness for God's grace. Who knew it could shield a mother from despair and offer delight?


Pre-Workshop Speaker (Invite Only): Bob Harris

Bob has 30+ years experience with associations, chambers and other nonprofits.  His seminars are interactive, focused on core-knowledge and organizational (realistic) capacity. He utilizes case studies, trends and headlines for board orientation, training, strategic planning, staff training and consulting. He is the author of Association Management 101 Online©; creator of the Association Self-Auditing Process© and co-author of “Building an Association Management Company".

He is known around the world for sharing best practices and promoting sustainability of associations and chambers. Specialties:

*  Strategic Planning - without games and group hugs

*  Board Roles and Responsibilities - customized to the organization

*  Staff Training (risk, efficiency, policy mgmt, governance, etc.)

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