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Membership FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About USTA Memberships

What type of membership term gives the most value?
Ultimately, the five year membership will provide you with the greatest value. With the purchase of a five year, you are only paying for four years and receiving the fifth year for free!!

Why increase membership dues?
The dues increase is necessary to help offset growing operational costs, but more importantly, to continue to provide great benefits, programs and services to our members. USTA memberships remain a great value. The best way to lower the cost of membership is to upgrade to a 3 or 5 year membership. Joining or renewing to a 3 or 5-year membership takes advantage of significant discounts. You also lock-in your rate for a longer period of time and won’t have to worry about renewing each year.

How can I replace a lost or destroyed card?
If you have lost your USTA membership card, contact USTA Member Services at 800-990-8782 to request a replacement card for a nominal fee.

What if I renew my current membership before its expiration date?
If you decide to renew a membership before its expiration, the additional years are added onto the end of the membership. For example, if your membership is set to expire on May 31, 2007 but you renew at an event on March 18, 2007 for 3 years- the new expiration date of your membership will be May 31, 2010.

What if I change my membership before its expiration date?
If you decide during the time of a membership to change the type of deal (ex: Adult to Family) before its expiration date, the new membership type will begin from the day you sign up and any remaining balances will be due or refunded. Your new time period will begin from the day of sign up. For example, if you have an adult membership set to expire on May 31, 2007 but in March decide to change to a family 1 year membership, you will owe $25 and the membership will expire on March 31, 2008.

What does my membership fee go towards?
Memberships play a major role in increasing and expanding the tennis programs and services provided throughout the Southern Section. A portion of Adult and Junior membership fees are returned and used to promote and enhance local tennis programs. They allow us to assist in the repair and maintenance of public park tennis facilities. We also are able to provide player grants and scholarships to those who may not otherwise be able to play. The USTA Grant received each year is partially based upon our total USTA enrollment among the section’s nine state.

Also, for members subscribing to an Adult, Family or Life Membership, $10 of all membership dues is allocated for a 1 –year subscription to TENNIS magazine. For those subscribing to a Junior membership, $10 of all membership dues is allocated annually for a 1-year subscription to SMASH magazine.

How many members must be included in a Family Membership?
There is no limit to the amount of members signed up under a family membership, however there needs to be at least two adults. We encourage that all family members are included in the membership even if they do not play tennis.

With other questions regarding your membership, contact Member Services at 800-990 USTA (8782) between 9 a.m. and 10 p.m. eastern time Monday through Saturday and 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Eastern time on Sunday. You can also email questions to memberservice@usta.com