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NTRP Grievances
  • NTRP Grievances are an avenue through which captains or administrators may file official complaints against a player they believe to be significantly out of level.
  • The grievance will claim that the player and/or captain committed or condoned obtaining a Self Rate or possesses a rating which is at a lower NTRP level but has demonstrated the ability to compete at a higher NTRP level.
  • Only Self Rated, Mixed Exclusive, and Medically Appealed players are subject to NTRP Grievances.
  • Certain conditions must be met for an NTRP Grievance to be reviewed. To see those, please CLICK HERE.
  • Once an NTRP Grievance is filed, it will be reviewed and ruled upon by the Southern Section NTRP Grievance Committee
  • If the NTRP Grievance committee upholds the grievance, it may impose any number of sanctions.
  • After the committee renders its decision, either party may appeal.