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Tennis License Plate Is On the Road!

As a fundraiser, the North Carolina Tennis Foundation initiated the production of a specialized license plate supporting tennis. To those of you who are unaware of this initiative, this is a great way to help support youth tennis and promote our wonderful sport. Each year the NC Tennis Foundation will receive $10.00 from each renewal of your special license plate. Funds from this project will be used by the Foundation to promote youth tennis in North Carolina. With your support, we can introduce more children to the lifelong benefits of tennis.

The North Carolina Tennis Foundation specialty plates are now available for order online or in person at your local North Carolina DMV offices. Please purchase all orders through the DMV, DO NOT send a check to NCTA or it will be returned. Thank your for your support of North Carolina Tennis!

Order your North Carolina Tennis License Plate Now!

Numbered plates cost only $20.00 in addition to your usual registration fee while personalized plates cost an additional $50.00.


If you have further questions, please contact Gwenda at (336) 852-8577 or by email Gwenda@nctennis.com.