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Recertification for 2016
2016 Officials Information
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What Is A Tennis Official? A referee, chair umpire, line umpire, or roving umpire who ensures that a tennis match is conducted under the fairest possible conditions.

Why Be A Tennis Official?

  • Contribute to the sport of tennis
  • Gain a greater appreciation for the game
  • Build relationships within the tennis community
  • Be part of the team of officials who make a tennis event successful for players and spectators

Is it hard work? Most of the time.
Is it a challenge? Always.
Is it fun? Sometimes, but valued friendships are developed and the biggest rewards come from meeting the challenge and a job well done.

How Can I Become A Tennis Official?

  • Be a member of the USTA.
  • Attend an annual school and pass an annual written test appropriate to the desired type of officiating. Schools and training will begin as early as February. So check the schedule and reserve a date.
  • 2016 Training Schedule
  • Must have 20/20 vision.
  • Complete background check via NUCULA.
  • Complete the NC Mentoring Program.
  • Enter work record into NUCULA system.

2016 Officials Information

Tournament Information

USTA NC Tennis Officials Committee Members

Bill Parks, Committee Chair (
Scott Moore, Mentor Coordinator
Art Abbott
Scott Daniel
Lindsay Pratt
Diane Spangler