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Annual Awards - Frequently Asked Questions

Tennis thrives in North Carolina because of the many players, officials, volunteers, friends and family! Tennis would not be in the great shape it is here in North Carolina without you all!

USTA North Carolina and the North Carolina Tennis Foundation annually present awards to honor the support our sport receives.

It is very important for the award nominator to be thorough when completing the nomination form. The Awards Committee can only judge the information they are provided. Therefore, we encourage you to add as much information and as many pictures as possible. The more information you provide, the better the nominee's chances of winning. Incomplete nomination forms will not be considered.

How do I nominate someone for an award?
EVERYONE is invited to submit nominations! To do so, go to http://southerntennis.info/north-carolina. Fill out a nomination form and submit to USTA North Carolina no later than the award deadline.

What qualifies someone to receive an award?
Consult the specific eligibility requirements and criteria for each award.

Can I nominate someone for multiple awards in the same year?
YES! You may nominate the same individual/organization for as many awards as you see fit!

Can I nominate myself for an award?
YES! To be considered for an award, we simply need the biographical information regarding a specific individual, facility or group. This information can come from a relative, close friend, coach, client, or even the candidates themselves.

Who chooses the award recipients?
Award winners are selected by the USTA NC Awards Committee.

How will I know if my nominee is selected to receive an award?
Award recipients will be notified in December.

When are the awards presented and acknowledged?
Our "Community Development Awards" are presented during the annual Community Development Workshop held in the Fall. The "General Awards" are presented at the annual Awards Luncheon, held each year in late January. Each award recipient will be listed on the USTA North Carolina’s website and included in the yearbook.

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