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Play Tennis, Earn Cash & Prizes!

USTA North Carolina offers multiple ways for you to play tennis and earn cash/prizes - such as tickets to the US Open! Below are some current opportunities to get the most out of your tennis game.

Grand Prix 2012

Play for a chance to win tickets to the US Open beginning in January 2012!

How to qualify for the US Open ticket drawing:

1.Events that you may play to qualify are Men’s/Women’s  2.5- 4.5 singles & doubles.
2.Points from your 6 best tournaments in your division will count (must be  in the same NTRP level). For adult ranking rules and tournament point  values, visit nctennis.com/files/pdffiles/RankingRegsAdultSenior.pdf
3.Must play a minimum of 5 tournaments, including one NTRP State Closed Championship.
         Note: If you are unable to play a NTRP State Closed, you may play an  Adult/Senior (age division) State Closed Championship (evens or odds) to qualify. Points will not count toward your NTRP ranking but the event will count as one of your 5 required tournaments.    
4.QuickPlay (one-day) tournaments count the same as other tournaments.
5.Play begins January 2012 and runs through November 2012.
6. The top 2 singles players & the top 2 doubles players in each level (who have met the eligibility requirements) will be eligible for the drawing. A player may be eligible in both singles & doubles.
7. Must be 21 years of age or older to participate.
8. NC Adult NTRP rules & regulations apply.
A drawing will be held Friday evening, January 25, 2013 at the USTA North Carolina Tennis appreciation party in Pinehurst at the Carolina Hotel. Qualifiers will be invited to a night of free fun, food & music.  You do not need to be present to win.  The Grand Prize is 2 tickets to the 2013 US Open (2 day or night sessions of an early round-to be determined) AND 2 airline tickets. Attendees at the party will be eligible for additional door prizes.

It Pays to Play!

USTA North Carolina will offer incentives once again in 2012 for Adult League Players and Team Captains to participate in sanctioned tournaments. Each League Player who participates in a 2012 sanctioned tournament (but did not in 2011) may apply for a rebate of $10. Each Team Captain, who has 3 team members competing in the same 2012 sanctioned tournament (none of whom participated in a 2011 sanctioned tournament), may apply for a $50 rebate. The captain may apply for an additional $10 rebate, over and above the $50, if he/she competes in the same tournament with his/her three team members. The $10 rebate is limited to one-time only per player or captain. (Captains may apply more than once if they have three different players participate in a tournament different from any previous application)

To apply for the rebate, simply fill out the It Pays to Play Form.

Tournament of Champions

Click Here for details on how you can participate in the Tri-State Tournament of Champions.