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Southern Junior Cup Information for 14s, 16s & 18s

Event information will continue to be updated on the tournament home page. The tournament ID#’s are listed below for your convenience. This is what you do now:



  •  If you have been selected as a team member, please respond by September 6 to Dan Holman (dan@nctennis.com) to confirm that you still want to be included. Also make hotel reservations. See below.
  •  Please complete the MEDICAL FORM & return to dan@nctennis.com (FAX 336-852-8577) along with your shirt size- YS,YM,YL,AS,AM,AL,AXL



  •  If you are an alternate, please email Dan Holman (dan@nctennis.com) as to whether you are still willing to go if someone on the selected team declines or is unable to go.  This could be up to the last minute. 
  •  Please keep in mind that each year several members of the selected team end up pulling out. We need to know which alternates (no matter what number you are) are still willing to go.



  •  Please complete the MEDICAL FORM & return to dan@nctennis.com (FAX 336-852-8577) along with your shirt size- YS,YM,YL,AS,AM,AL,AXL
  •  Please continue to check the tournament site for updated information
  •  There were individuals who applied for consideration to the Southern Jr Cup, however did not choose to be considered for a TEAM NC Camp (Cary and or Winston-Salem) thus they were not considered for selection for the Southern Jr Cup.

  • The 14-18’s will be September 21-23, 2012 in Lupton City, Tennessee at the Champions Club & Baylor. The Mandatory Players meeting will be at the Choo Choo Hotel in the Centennial Theatre at 8pm on Thursday, September 21st. Parents/guardians will be responsible for getting their son/daughter to and from the event. Tournament ID 704216812. Please continue to check the tournament site for updates. The awards banquet for players & parents will be Saturday, September 24th at McCallie.  Team NC is expected to attend.


Girls 14s

1. Susanne Boyden
2. Chelsea Sawyer
3. Sophia Patel

1. Adrienne Haynes
2. Ann Taylor Hinton
3. Karena Zhang
4. Ellis Brown
5. Lauren Gish
6. Elizabeth Galush
7. Katherine Stallings

Boys 14s

1. Nick Stachowiak
2. Bennett Crane
3. Grant Stuckey

1. Philippe Lauture
2. Klein Evans
3. Trice Pickens
4. Calvin Ma
5. Will Ockerman
6. Alexander Yang
7. Hardy Brown
8. Austin Cobb
9. William Barker

Girls 16s

1. Maggie Kane
2. Hannah Templeton
3. Samantha Smith

1. Megan Smith
2. Kara Summerford
3. Lauren McCorquodale

Boys 16s

1. Korey Lovett
2. Robert Kelly
3. Daniel Belseto

1. Michael Ogden
2. Ben Gerber
3. Matthew Galush

Girls 18s

1. Taylor Davidson
2. Kaitlyn McCarthy
3. Smith Hinton

1. Alix Theodossiou

Boys 18s

1. Ben Kelley
2. Josh Swindler
3. Parks Thompson

1. Josh DuToit

North Carolina's Coaches are Shane Wells and Kelly Parker.

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