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NC Finishes Second at 2012 Southern Junior Cup

North Carolina's top junior players (14-18 years old) competed in the 2012 Southern Junior Cup September 21-23 in Lupton, TN where they took home a second place finish. Georgia captured its 19th-consecutive Southern Cup title to win the tournament and was followed by North Carolina in second and South Carolina in third.

“Southern Cup is my favorite tournament of the year, I love it,” said senior Blue Chip prospect Taylor Davidson. “It’s the most fun out of all the tournaments and everyone is really supportive. It brings the best out of everyone because you want to play your best for the state and you want to represent.”

Davidson, who is ranked No. 19 nationally in the Girls 18's Division, kept a blog throughout the tournament to recap her experience. You can read about her journey through the tournament HERE.

“I like Southern Cup because you get to be cheer with your team and you play better because everyone is here supporting you,” added fellow senior Ben Kelley

In the Southern Junior Cup's 12's tournament held September 14-16, two North Carolina natives emerged as Gold Champions in the waterfall format. Both Jillian Hobbs and Kevin Huang captured a title. 



Team members for North Carolina included:

Girls 14
1. Chelsea Sawyer
2. Sophia Patel
3. Adrienne Haynes

Boys 14
1. Nick Stachowiak
2. Bennett Crane
3. Grant Stuckey

Girls 16
1. Maggie Kane
2. Hannah Templeton
3. Samantha Smith

Boys 16
1. Korey Lovett
2. Robert Kelly
3. Daniel Belseto

Girls 18
1. Taylor Davidson
2. Kaitlyn McCarthy
3. Smith Hinton

Boys 18
1. Ben Kelley
2. Josh Swindler
3. Parks Thompson

Coaches: Shane Wells and Kelly Parker

North Carolina's 12's Division Competitors 


Southern Junior Cup 12's Competitors from North Carolina included:

1. Max Vicario
2. Michael Ogundele
3. Kevin Huang

1. Abigail Forbes
2. Emily Bowerman
3. Jillian Hobbs

Coach: Alan Donald