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2012 NC State Closed Tournament Results

The 2012 North Carolina State Closed Tournament took place September 6-9 in Winston-Salem, NC. The tournament, held at Hanes Park, featured nearly 100 players from across the state. In the end, 20 players emerged as tournament champions. A complete list of the winners can be found below.



Category Ages Format Results Champion
Men 30 Singles Round Robin Dipesh Rao
Men 40 Singles Christopher Ehmcke d. Bradley Hobday Christopher Ehmcke
Men 50 Singles Jonathan Sawyer d. James Roueche Jonathan Sawyer
Men 60 Singles Scott Pollard d. John Walton Scott Pollard
Men 70 Singles Jimmy Washington d. Jerrold Hinton Jimmy Washington
Men 80 Singles Round Robin James Bland
Women 30 Singles Round Robin Martha Massey
Women 40 Singles No Entries  
Women 50 Singles Round Robin Janet Moseley
Women 60 Singles Round Robin Judith McAllister
Women 70 Singles No Entries  
Women 80 Singles Martha Norman d. Hazel Anderson Martha Norman
Men 30 Doubles Round Robin Weidl/Rowe
Men 40 Doubles Round Robin Auger/Phillips
Men 50 Doubles Round Robin McElreath/Sawyer
Men 60 Doubles McHone/Walton d. Mauney/Pollard McHone/Walton
Men 70 Doubles Gordon/Hinton d. Anderson/Ringler Gordon/Hinton
Men 80 Doubles Stennett/Wise d. Honeycutt/Way Stennett/Wise
Women 40 Doubles Round Robin Huff/Moseley
Women 50 Doubles No Entries  
Women 60 Doubles Round Robin Everette/Sandridge
Women 70 Doubles Cox/Gaines d. Anderson/Norman Cox/Gaines
Mixed 50 Doubles Culbreth/Weathers d. Keeter/Massey Culbreth/Weathers