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Nominate for Facility of the Year Award

USTA North Carolina would like to introduce its new Outstanding Facility Awards process. Using the criteria listed below, recognition will be given to outstanding tennis facilities under the jurisdiction of the following:

  • Parks and Recreation Departments

  • Educational Institutions

  • Non-Profit Corporations

  • Private and/or Commercially Owned and Operated Facilities with USTA 

  • and other ‘growth of tennis’ programs


Deadline. Nominations must be completed and received in the USTA North Carolina office (address below) by December 28, 2012

Submission. Since it is impossible to visit each facility, the USTA North Carolina Advocacy Committee needs to have a layout detailing court dimensions and many photographs to give proper consideration to each facility. Please include the following in your submission:

  • The Nomination Form

    Photographs (Critical) – see Checklist (Section 1) for recommended content, and Plans and Other Pertinent Information. See Section 1 for recommended content.

  • Shipping Address

    USTA North Carolina c/o Facility Nomination
    2709 Henry Street              
    Greensboro, NC 27405


If you have any questions, please email them to amy@nctennis.com or call Amy Franklin (336) 852-8577 x109


The USTA North Carolina Advocacy Committee intends to recognize facilities to encourage increasingly high standards for construction and/or renovation of tennis facilities throughout NC. The Committee will evaluate your nomination based on the following:

The Facility, including:

  • Quality of each Court Area and Surface;
  • Quality of the Court Enclosure and Lighting;
  • Overall Layout and Adaptation to Sit
  • Accesories and Amentities
  • Evidence of good and green maintenance


The Tennis Program:

  • USTA Tournaments and Programs
  • 10 and Under Tennis Programs using the QuickStart Play Format
  • Other Tennis-Related Programs
  • Important Contribution to the Game of Tennis