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2018 North Carolina State Closed Championships

2018 NC Adult State Closed Championships LOCATION DATES
NC State Closed Family Championships Greensboro June 1-3
NC State Closed NTRP Senior Clay Court Champs Greensboro June 8-10
NC State Closed Open Championships Greensboro June 18-23
NC State Closed NTRP Hard Court Championships Wilmington July 27-29
NC State Closed Championships (Even Years) Durham Aug. 31 - Sept. 2
NC State Closed NTRP Clay Court Championships Charlotte Sept. 21-23
NC State Closed Championships (Odd Years) Charlotte Oct. 18-21

2016 Wheelchair Schedule

Wilmington Wheelchair Tennis Classic
April 1-3
Tournament ID: 700096016

Searchable Registration/Online Draws

Tournaments using on-line registration will have the logo displayed to the right of the tournament name.

Directions on how to use the Tournament home page are explained below. We suggest printing these directions out to make your use of the new USTA Searchable Tournament Schedule a pleasant experience. 

Options For Accessing Tournaments
There are several ways to find a tournament: 

  • Enter the Tournament ID number in the "Simple Search" and click "Find It"
  • Select "Southern - North Carolina" from the drop down menu. Then, under "Additional Information," fill in additional information such as Keyword, City or Date and click "Find It." You will receive a list of tournaments that are possible matches for your criteria from which you can select the correct tournament.
  • Select "Southern - North Carolina" from the drop down menu and then use one of the four buttons listed under "Quick Search." Listed Below are the functions of these five buttons:
  • The "Currently Registering Online" button accesses ONLY those tournaments that have the on-line registration feature and are registering at that time.
  • The "Currently Registering" button accesses all tournaments that are accepting player registrations at that time.
  • The "In Progress" Button accesses tournaments currently being played.
  • The "Just Completed" button accesses those tournaments that have recently completed.
  • The "All Upcoming" button accesses ALL upcoming tournaments.

* We strongly recommend using the "Upcoming Events" button to access all tournaments 

** Remember to ALWAYS select "Southern - North Carolina" from the drop down menu at the top right of the USTA Searchable Tournament Schedule page to access North Carolina tournaments.

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