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NCTennis.com Launches New Calendar Feature

With more than 200 junior tournaments, 50 adult tournaments, countless clinics and festivals, training sessions, and much more on tap for the 2013 year, NCTennis.com has created a one-stop shop for all your tennis needs with the addition of its 2013 Tennis Calendar.

The calendar, which was officially launched on February 1, is organized into three color-coded event types: Adult, Junior and Other. When an event is clicked, users will now have a direct link to tournament information such as location, tournament details, event address and most importantly, TennisLink registration.

All Adult Tournaments and Junior Tournaments will be added three months in advance of the current month.

To search for a specific event, simply enter the tournament name in the Search Box located at the top-right corner of the page. You can also search for specific tournament restrictions such as “B(18-10)s” or “NC 200pt”. Use the Adult Tournament Code Legend and Junior Tournament Code Legend to help find the perfect event for you!


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If you would like to include your event in USTA North Carolina’s Calendar, please send your Event/Tournament Name, Event Date(s), Location, Address and Event Website to matt@nctennis.com.