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Honor The Game

Quite a few years ago, USTA North Carolina led the way with an online PowerPoint we called the Parent Education Forum. It began to give parents a better understanding of what a tennis parent needs to do, and not do, as it relates to their child and tennis. We also sprinkled some rules to help cut down on some confusion at the tournament sites. Since that time the USTA Southern Section has developed a short video that gives parents a  better understanding of what he/she can do the help shepherd their child through junior tennis.

A parents’ job is not to worry about their child’s wins or losses, but the character in which the child develops. Losses, what sometimes seems like unfair calls or bad sportsmanship are all part of our game. Things are going to happen, real or imagined. The true gift of the game, the true spirit of life is how one handles those adversities. Tennis is a game that can develop character, define morals and help us navigate through life. One must always rise above so many things. Tennis helps us do  just that. It is a true blessing. So, make sure you and your kids learn how to “Honor the Game.”

Honor the Game Video

For full information about the Sportsmanship Guide completion requirements, click here