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The North Carolina Tennis Association and the North Carolina Tennis Foundation support high school tennis in North Carolina. The NCTF proudly contributes to the NC High School Athletic Association to help with the costs associated with high school tennis. And, the NCTA staff participate in the NC High School Coaches Workshop each July. There are other alternative workshop times and locations if coaches are unable to attend this July workshop.

Please see below for a list of helpful resources and more information about high school tennis in North Carolina!

NCHSAA Guidelines

Coaches Corner

These are additional resources from individuals and groups outside of the NCHSAA and the USTA. They will be helpful with coaching approaches on and off the court...

USTA Support

What's Next?

This section is to provide resources for high school players after they graduate. There are many paths to continue the tennis journey!

  • Tennis On Campus
    • There’s no better sport than tennis for making friends, staying fit and having fun! Whether you’ve played before or are just picking up the game, USTA Tennis On Campus has a way for you to find yourself in the game. All across the country, college students are enjoying the excitement of tennis through  co-ed team play that keeps their competitive fires burning and opens up doors to new friendships and endless fun.
  • College Tennis Options
  • Adult Leagues
  • Adult Tournaments