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Great Sports Pins

Great Sports Pins

In an effort to promote good behavior and sportsmanship in junior tennis, we are starting our “Great Sports” program at select junior tournaments across the state.  Officials will now be able to award good behavior by presenting sportsmanship pins to juniors who exemplify exceptional sportsmanship during a match or tournament.

Examples of pin awards that occurred this past year at trial events:

  • A player assisting an opponent who was cramping
  • A player who offered one of her rackets to her opponent after the opponent had broken all of her strings.
  • A singles match played between two young players with exemplary behavior with parents that clapped for all good shots and congratulated each other’s child on their behavior after the match.

Officials may use their discretion when selecting pin recipients.  They may also act on parent’s or player’s recommendations for other children.  Officials will be asked to document the name, age group, and event when a pin is awarded, and a sentence about why they were chosen.  Recipients will be eligible for the annual sportsmanship awards given at the NC Tennis weekend in Pinehurst, but a junior may still win an annual award without winning a pin during the year.

Please email award recipients to: Joanna Scott at joanna@nctennis.com

Good luck to everyone!

Congratulations to the following players who have received sportsmanship pins for 2016!

Durham Futures

  • Benjamin McQuaid, Boys 16s
  • Devak Coltrane, Boys 10s
  • Joseph Dougherty, Boys 16s
  • Gavin Funk, Boys 12s
  • Emory Katz, Girls 10s
  • Riley Jennings, Girls 12s
  • Paula Dougherty, Girls 14s
  • Clare Dougherty, Girls 12s

WWTA Cinco de Mayo Futures NC L5

  • Ava Hsu, Girls 12s
  • Ashley Goulding, Girls 14s
  • Hannah Gibson, Girls 14s
  • Aine Lynch, Girls 16s
  • Julia Saganowich, Girls 16s
  • Tyler Rhyne, Boys 16s

Brunswick County Junior Open

  • Allison Collins, Girls 12s
  • Alexandra Lee, Girls 12s
  • Ava Cerra, Girls 12s
  • Riley Jennings, Girls 12s
  • Ella Olexa, Girls 12s
  • Cristiana Sauer, Girls 14s
  • Olivia Kingman, Girls 14s

Congratulations to the following players who have received sportsmanship pins for 2015!

Legacy Lakes Junior Classic

  • Brooke Bieniek, Girls 10s
  • Shea Bieniek, Girls 10s
  • Miles Hirchak, Boys 16s
  • Caroline Landry, Girls 14s
  • Meg Hardesty, Girls 14s

Burlington Junior Futures

  • Hannah Higgins, Girls 14s
  • Emily Clark, Girls 14s
  • Bruce Porter, Boys 14s
  • Andrew Black, Boys 14s
  • Halle Fernstrum, Girls 14s
  • Callie Oliveria, Girls 14s
  • Trevor Jenkins, Boys 10s
  • Tejus Ranadive, Boys 10s
  • Sahil Arora, Boys 10s

Hope Valley Farms YMCA Junior Classic

  • Samara Murphy, Girls 12s
  • Camero Bradley, Boys 12s

Olde Forest Junior Open

  • Jessica Fuchs, Girls 12s
  • Aditya Narayanan, Boys 12s
  • Sam Henry, Boys 14s
  • Alexandra Borcich, Girls 12s
  • Brianna Baldi, Girls 12s
  • Thalia Smith, Girls 12s
  • Nousha Tehrani, Girls 12s
  • Nicole Broeffle, Girls 18s

Cape Fear Jr Open

  • Hannak Elks Smith, Girls 12s
  • Champ Smith, Boys 10s
  • Isabella Marquinas, Girls 10s

Asheville City Open

  • Jackson Murchison, Boys 10s
  • Lucas Kolmel, Boys 10s
  • Evan Loftis, Boys 12s
  • Edward Lilly, Boys 12s
  • Luke Brennan, Boys 12s
  • Aubrey Carper, Girls 12s
  • Julia Reed, Girls 12s
  • Margaret Allen, Girls 10s
  • Eliza Perry, Girls 10s
  • Ava Murchison, Girls 16s
  • Isaiah Elkins, Boys 16s
  • Liam Baer, Boys 16s

Pinehurst Junior Tennis Classic

  • Charlie Snipes, Boys 16s
  • Ben Airing, Boys 16s
  • Alexis Galloway, Girls 14s
  • Anna Smith, Girls 12s
  • Mary Beth Jackson, Girls 18s
  • Blake Deaton, Boys 14s
  • Sarah Nicholson, Girls 16s

Bermuda Run Triad Junior Championships

  • Crenshaw Ranadive
  • Tejus Ranadivc
  • Madison Wall
  • Bren Woods
  • Brad Henley
  • Ian Scott
  • Cren Rosenbaum
  • Afton Scott
  • Thomas Wang
  • MaKenna Mason

Durham Futures

  • Gabriel Chew, Girls 18s
  • Katherine Li, Girls 18s
  • Sophie Bischoff, Girls 16s
  • Justin Mofield, Boys 16s
  • Vivian Chen, Girls 16s
  • Elizabeth Pinyan, Girls 18s
  • Matthew Capobianco, Boys 16s
  • Chalei Hodge, Girls 12s
  • William Furman, Boys 10s
  • Elsa Kirch, Girls 12s

HPCC Junior Championships

  • Andrew Chinnasami, Boys 10s
  • Maxim Verellen, Boys 12s
  • Sam Hartzell, Boys 16s
  • Kacy Taylor, Girls 12s
  • Rachel Price, Girls 18s

Charlotte Country Club Jr. Tournament

  • Luke Townsend, Boys 18s

RTA Junior Futures

  • Emma Hulicki, Girls 10s
  • Addison Iacono, Girls 10s
  • Marley Mildwurf, Girls 12s
  • Abby Prim, Girls 12s
  • Auburn Robertsoon, Girls 12s
  • Dillon Hyde, Boys 16s
  • Lamar Gilchrist, Boys 12s
  • LaQuon Gilchrist, Boys 14s

Highland Country Club Spring Championships

  • Hailee Haymore, Girls 16s
  • Aidan Temmple, Boys 16s
  • Alexander Gantt, Boys 14s

Tar Heel Qualifier

  • Jeevan Tewari, Boys 16s
  • Thorne Gregory, Boys 16s
  • Abigail Markel, Girls 16s
  • Mary Young, Girls 12s
  • Tyler Nee, Boys 10s
  • Lincoln Battle, Boys 10s

Land of the Sky Junior Championships

  • Coleman Baker, Boys 18s
  • Noah Dohle, Boys 18s
  • Andrew Trichom, Boys 12s
  • Tyler Stephens, Boys 12s,
  • Nikhil Deshpande, Boys 10s
  • Lukas Kolmel, Boys 10s
  • Kayla Masterman, Girls 12s
  • Lauren Denton, Girls 12s
  • Hannah Farmer, Girls 14s
  • Rachel Kaehn, Girls 14s

Gaston Junior Futures

  • Walker Sadusky, Boys 14s
  • Shai Klayman, Boys 12s
  • Charlie Gessner, Boys 12s
  • Joseph Isenhour, Boys 14s
  • Emma Horan, Girls 12s
  • Bethany Owens, Girls 14s
  • Jay Rowland, Boys 14s
  • Aaron Harris, Boys 12s
  • Olivia Geohegan, Girls 12s

1st Annual WCCC Spring Classic

  • Hunter Brown, Boys 12s
  • Kaiden Chudy, Boys 12s
  • Morgan Fuqua, GIrls 18s
  • Arden Riddle, Girls 18s
  • Ana Krstanovic, Girls 12s
  • Kristen Collie, Girls 12s

WWTA Cinco de Mayo Futures

  • Addison Iacono, Girls 10s
  • Jill Gruber, Girls 12s
  • Chace Ogle, Girls 14s
  • Laine Wetherall, GIrls 14s
  • Rose Wang, Girls 14s
  • Jacob Dye, Boys 12s
  • Benjamin Hearne, Boys 12s
  • Ashwin Warrier, Boys 16s

Carolina Tennis Network Championship

  • Libby McGivern, Girls 14s
  • Ethan Scheper, Boys 16s

Greensboro March Madness

  • Mason Koll, Boys 14s
  • Anna Rico, Girls 14s
  • Sophia Strugnell, Girls 14s
  • Elizabeth Stassenko, Girls 16s
  • Brooke Prichard, Girls 16s
  • Karen Galush, Girls 14s
  • Maddie Brown, Girls 14s
  • Zack Trapper, Boys 14s
  • Sam Dean, Boys 14s

Brunswick County Jr Open

  • Grant Sutherland, Boys 12s
  • Genoeva Willocks, Girls 14s
  • Will Bode, Boys 14s
  • Quaid Sutherland, Boys 14s
  • Sarah Grace Snipes, Girls 16s
  • Ben Hearne, Boys 12s

Westport Club's Spring Futures Championships

  • Palmer Crichton, Boys 12s
  • Morgan McConnell-Young, Boys 12s
  • Alexis Wolgemuth, Girls 12s

Here are the players who were awarded sportsmanship pins from 2014:

Asheville Racquet Club Downtown Spring Junior Classic

  • Hannah Farmer, Girls 12s
  • Haley Simon, Girls 16s
  • Maddie Weber, Girls 16s
  • Madison Covington, Girls 16s
  • Savannah Smith, Girls 16s
  • Ashton Tan, Boys 12s
  • Bailey Page, Boys 16s
  • Mary Victoria Young, Girls 12s
  • Jill Morse, Girls 12s
  • Holden Ballard, Boys 14s

HondaJet Spring NC State Closed

  • Annika Narbut, Girls 12s
  • Braden Shick, Boys 12s
  • Jim Mantyh, Boys 16s
  • Sophie Strugnell, Girls 12s
  • Catie Nelson, Girls 14s
  • Brianna Taranto, Girls 14s
  • Isabelle Steffan, Girls 12s
  • Grace Brittain, Girls 12s
  • Tate Sandman, Boys 12s
  • Helen Alvis, Girls 12s
  • Anna Rico, Girls 12s

CCL Spring Junior Classic

  • Holland Baynard, Boys 14s
  • Frances Coleman, Girls 12s
  • Drew Hedgecoe, Boys 10s
  • Taylor Walicki, Girls 18s
  • Macy Morrison, Girls 12s
  • Alan Dimock, Boys 12s
  • Max Verellin, Boys 10s
  • Algeron Butler, Boys 10s

Tar Heel Qualifier

  • Madison Hill, Girls 10s
  • Melody Zhang, Girls 12s
  • Caroline Landry, Girls 12s
  • Isabella Margraf, Girls 12s
  • Zachary Tapper, Boys 12s
  • Spencer Cochran, Girls 14s
  • Carolyn Ansari, Girls 14s
  • Carly Barhost, Girls 14s
  • Kayla Wilkins, Girls 14s
  • Brianna Taranto, Girls 14s
  • Jerry Wang, Boys 14s
  • Logan Weber, Boys 16s

83rd Annual City of Ashevile Open Jr. Championships

  • Gracey Abernathy, Girls 10s
  • Abby Sumemrlin, Girls 10s
  • Millicent Loehr, Girls 12s
  • Xander Barber, Boys 12s
  • Evan Loftis, Boys 12s
  • Andrew Tashie, Boys 12s
  • Isaac Winner, Boys 12s
  • Drew Coppin, Boys 12s
  • Dotson Wike, Boys 14s
  • Max Champlin, Boys 14s

Bermuda Run Triad Junior Championships

  • Shrikar Kavirayuni, Boys 12s      
  • Charles Krenshaw, Boys 10s      
  • Burke Rosenbaum, Boys 10s      
  • Gretchen Brown, Girls 14s            
  • Eric Zang, Boys 14s                      

Racquet Club Summer Slam

  • Hamilton Sheppard, Boys 12s
  • Nikhil Anandpura, Boys 14s
  • Kenji Price, Boys 16s
  • Andrea Brenk, Girls 14s
  • Jackson Tiedeman, Boys 14s
  • Kailee Southworth, Girls 16s
  • Kai Carter, Girls 12s
  • Chloe Floyd, Girls 12s
  • Noah McDonald, Boys 10s
  • John Kuhn, Boys 14s
  • Andrew Ferrell, Boys 16s
  • Caroline Garrido, Girls 16s
  • Meredith McCraw, Girls 14s
  • Marco Ward, Boys 14s

U-Meck Championships

  • Ethan Richards, Boys 14s
  • Najla Sharif, Girls 10s
  • Samantha Sprenkle, Girls 14s
  • Michelle Zheng, Girls 14s

City of Wilmington Fall Jr. Classic

  • Olivia Hankinson, Girls 10s
  • Anna Haskins, Girls 12s
  • Adithya Sriram, Boys 14s
  • Lauren Baker, Girls 12s
  • Alan Dimock, Boys 12s
  • Bliss Dowden, Girls 12s

Southern 10s Closed Team Championships

  • Peyton Philemon
  • Isabelle Hartung

Greene Central Fall Championships

  • Ella Ecker, Girls 12s
  • Kristen Colie, Girls 12s
  • Peyton Philemon, Girls 12s
  • Aileen Qi, Girls 12s
  • Geneveva Willocks, Girls 12s
  • Belinda Hu, Girls 16s
  • Samanta Ferrero, Girls 16s
  • Miles Hirchak, Boys 16s
  • Madison Cullipher, Girls 14s