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Officials Recertification for 2017


There may be slight changes as the year progress due to the implementation of the new USTA Officials initiative.  Please try to complete the requirements well in advance of the October, 2016 deadline.

  1. Complete the online Officiating, Rules and Regulation modules.  There are four total modules.  At some point in 2017 there will be a conversion to a single module for experienced officials
  2. The important officiating documents that are not in Friend at Court this year can be found under Additional Officiating Documents/Resources.
  3. Complete the online Safe Play Training, which includes passing a criminal background check.
  4. Enter your work record in NUCULA.

You must complete your Nucula work record now and push the Recertification Request button at the top of the “Certs” page in your account.

In completing your work record, please pay attention to details. Do not mark yourself as a Referee if you were not indeed THE REFEREE for an event. Similarly, do not say you were a Deputy Referee if you were simply a Roving Umpire. Pay attention to getting your line days, roving days and chairs listed in the proper columns. Be sure you list the correct Event Type. DO NOT enter events that you are planning to work before the end of the year, but have yet to work. If these events would make a difference in your certification level you will need to file an appeal on Jan. 1 to get your certification upgraded.

In the event you have not met all the qualifications for certification and believe you should, regardless, be certified at a particular level, you need to email the Sectional Chair, Rebel Good, with details on why he should grant your waiver. All waiver requests must be submitted when you push the Recertification Request button.

If you believe you have earned National or Professional certification in any category, you must press the button no later than Oct. 25. All others must press the button no later than Nov. 5. In both cases the earlier the better. Failure to meet these deadlines may result in non-certification or a reduced certification for 2017.

Currently there is not an online Referee module. 

Check the USTA Officials web site if you want to keep up with changes and additions.