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Hall of Fame Members

1975 Ann Martindale (Deceased)
  John Kenfield (Deceased)
  Archibald Henderson (Deceased)
  Bo Roddey Charlotte
1976 Allen Morris Greensboro
  Teddy Burwell (Deceased)
1977 Buck Archer Shelby
  Dick Covington (Deceased)
  Laura Dupont (Deceased)
1978 Eliza Coxe Jackson (Deceased)
  Carlyle Lewis (Deceased)
1979 Robert Crosland (Deceased)
  John Allen Farfour Goldsboro
  Mary Lou Jones Sanford
1980 John Vernon (Deceased)
  Henry Clark Jr Chapel Hill
  Julia Anne Holt High Point
1981 CR Council (Deceased)
  Marshall Happer III North Venice
1982 Herb Browne Jr Charlotte
  Jim Leighton (Deceased)
1983 Bev Earle Charlotte
  Mildred Southern Winston-Salem
1984 Hubert Eaton (Deceased)
  Jack Warmath Greensboro
1985 Whit Cobb (Deceased)
  Robert Spurrier (Deceased)
1986 Don Skakle (Deceased)
  Grady Elmore (Deceased)
1987 Norm Chambers Raleigh
  Tim Wilkison Charlotte
1988 Maurice Everette Winston-Salem
  Frances Hogan (Deceased)
1989 Mary Garber Winston-Salem
  Gene Hamilton Chapel Hill
1990 Tom Parham Emerald Isle
  John Peddycord Winston Salem
1991 Jane Preyer Chapel Hill
  John Sadri Charlotte
1992 Mont Graham Sandy Springs
  Jim Winstead Greensboro
1993 Herb Bolick High Point
  Charlie Morris (Deceased)
1994 Cliff Turner (Deceased)
  Jerry Robinson Raleigh
1995 J W Isenhour Jr Raleigh
  Audrey Johnson Goldsboro
1996 Buster Brown Asheville
  Jeff Frank Davidson
1997 David Lash (Deceased)
  Bob Light Boone
1998 John Lucas Bel Air
  Bill Weathers Whispering Pines
1999 Vince Connerat (Deceased)
  Neill McGeachy Hickory
2000 Camey Dillon Greensboro
  Peggy Golden Sanford
2001 Vicki Everette Winston Salem
  Keith Richardson Rock Hill
2002 Sam Woods Charlotte
2003 Louise Allen Austin
  Andy Andrews Raleigh
2004 Dave Carey Asheville
  Kitty Harrison Chapel Hill
2005 Cy King Raleigh
  Susan Love Charlotte
2006 Don Johnson Atlanta
  Jim Jones Boone
  Tal Henry, III (Deceased)
2007 Fred West (Deceased)
  Sharron Frahm Greensboro
  Tommy Dixon Raleigh
2008 Pender Murphy Charlotte
  Bobby Heald Holly Springs
2009 Susie Black Wall Burlington
  Jim Corn Lattimore
2010 Tom Willson Cashiers
  Tom Morris Blount's Creek
2011 Judy Utley Greensboro
  Lendward Simpson Knoxville
2012 Smarr Ron Kingwood
  Stoneman Keith Charlotte
2013 Bonnie Logan Durham
  Parks Easter (Deceased)


Frank Love Jr. Shelby