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Windy and Cold Southern Closed 10’s Clay Court

The Southern Closed 10’s Clay Court Championship was hosted by Joc Simmons and the Huntsville Tennis Center October 27 & 28th. With high winds and low temperatures, everyone kept warm with the great tennis.  The 10’s Clay Court Championship was based on a team format. Six teams battled each other throughout the weekend in the round robin team format.  Every player played five singles and five doubles matches.

Team Harrison, coached by Derrick Davison of Georgia came out on top winning their five matches. The team consisted of Gwyneth Gifford (AR), Sumanth Kadiyala (GA), Thomas Mars (AR), Tiffani Nash ( LA), Zachary Raymond (GA), Kyle Simpson (AL), Grant Weideman (NC), and Stafford Yerger (LA).  Second Place was Team Hampton, coached by Jenny Robb of Alabama and then three teams were tied at 2-3 and their placement decided by individual matches and sets.  Heavy winds made play challenging at times but the players played remarkable tennis.

A “Sportsmanship/Spirit” winner was chosen from each team by the coaches, tournament staff, and facility staff. The winners were Harrison Luba (SC) of Team Hampton, Gwyneth Gifford (AR) of Team Harrison, Elizabeth Richardson (AR) of Team Oudin, Seitaro (TN) of Team Isner, Tripp Guglielmo (LA) of Team Falconi, and Luke Albertson (NC) of Team Young. Thanks and congratulations to each of these players for their tremendous sportsmanship and efforts throughout the event.

A huge thanks and congratulations to our remaining four coaches Claire Bartlett (TN), Ed Jacques AL), Trace Vincent (LA), and Kristijian Mitrovski (AL) and all players.