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The North Carolina Tennis Association and the North Carolina Tennis Foundation support high school tennis in North Carolina. The NCTF proudly contributes to the NC High School Athletic Association to help with the costs associated with high school tennis. And, the NCTA staff participate in the NC High School Coaches Workshop each July. Also, a player may count his/her high school season towards their North Carolina Final Year-End Ranking. Click here for information. Once you've reviewed the information, print and fill out the High School Season Credit for Ranking Form.

Please see below for a list of hopeful resources and more information about high school tennis in North Carolina!

NCHSAA Guidelines

USTA Support

Coaches Corner


More Information

Listed below are helpful links pertaining to high school tennis in NC:

High School Tennis Coaches No-Cut Recognition and Support

The USTA wants to recognize all high school tennis coaches who implement a no-cut policy. These coaches play a critical role in our sport by allowing young players the opportunity to be part of a team. They experience the greatest element of high school sports – the opportunity to participate on a team with their friends representing their school.

To learn more about resources available to High School No-Cut Coaches, or to register as a High School No-Cut Coach, Click Here.

Online Coaching Tool 

In a continual effort by NC Tennis Association and the NC Tennis Foundation to help NC High School tennis, we are pleased to have contracted with Club and Tennis Resort Services to allow free access to a coaching website The NC Tennis Foundation has funded this opportunity for you and we sincerely hope that you will log on and use this site to help your team!

Some of the highlights include:

  • Access to over 300 diagramed drills and video clips in easy to use categories with search capabilities and over 150 lesson plans for your team practices, lessons, clinics and camps.
  • Your school will also have access to separate lesson plans, study guides and tests designed specifically for Tennis PE Classes.
  • View samples of actual college practices including topics, time spent on each area and comments from the coach.
  • Access to the Match Coaching Forum. Learn what the top college coaches say to their players before, during and after a match.
  • Access to the Mental Game Forum, tips and ideas from leading sports psychologists.
  • Draw sheets, double elimination brackets and more
  • New and innovative materials added each month. With your subscription you will be able to copy, print or download drills, lesson plans, handouts, fitness information and much more.

To get started: Just email for a passcode.