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UNC Wins Third Straight Border Battle!

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill won its third consecutive Border Battle which was held in Wilmington March 19-20! The back-to-back-to-back Champion Tarheels defeated the Gamecocks from the University of South Carolina in a final that was settled on the…ping-pong table. While all of Saturday’s matches were played outside, inclement weather forced the finals to be moved indoors on Sunday. Although, the teams had to trade in their tennis racquets for ping-pong paddles, it did not diminish the fun and excitement of the tournament. When matches weren’t being played, teams could be seen outside enjoying themselves in the rain!

“As teams emerged from their cars on Sunday morning, they were playing their favorite tunes and dancing in the rain. The weather didn’t seem to dampen anyone’s team spirit  as they were all in when told they would  play ping pong to decide who won the  tournament,” said Caroline Downs, USTA North Carolina Director of Team Tennis and  Growth Leagues.

 The Border Battle, which started as a small six team tournament in 2012, is now open to  any team in the nation, and is quickly becoming one of the premier opportunities for club  tennis teams to compete. Twenty seven teams representing eight different states gathered  to participate in the 2016 Border Battle hosted by USTA Southern and USTA Mid-Atlantic, making it the biggest field in the tournament’s five year history. While the goal of the Border Battle is to create a fun environment for teams and players, there is certainly a competitive air surrounding this event as the schools battle each other for bragging rights.

“In four short years we’ve seen the Border Battle grow faster than anyone could have imagined, and we’re ecstatic to see such an increase in competition,” Downs said. “Teams are now traveling from 12+ hours away to take a swing at the title.” 

This year’s Border Battle was held at the Althea Gibson Tennis Complex at Empie Park in Wilmington, NC, for the second consecutive year. In addition to the Border Battle, USTA North Carolina hosted a Tennis on Campus Alumni Bash on Saturday. This event brought former club players together for a tournament of their own.

If you are interested in participating in the Border Battle, Alumni Bash, or if you are interested in playing Tennis on Campus, contact Caroline Downs at caroline@nctennis.com.