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Raise the Net

The USTA North Carolina Board of Directors passed a historic plan in January of 2011 to impact the growth of Tennis in our state. Due to the ever expanding tennis public in NC, the Board created a special reserve account for 2011 to impact refurbishing public tennis facilities in NC. The Board voted in January of 2014 to continue this plan.  This account, along with matching USTA funds, will allow a total investment of up to $200,000 in assistance throughout our state.


Widen the Base Grant

In an effort to continue to reach out to new players/potential players, USTA North Carolina is offering the “Widen the Base” grant. It is for CTA’s and agencies to apply for in order to do the work they need to do this year. No grant will be given to an individual, but will be given to an organization, preferably one that is a 501C3. 

Grant Considerations



USTA North Carolina Grants
USTA National Grants


North Carolina High School Coaches Workshop

2015 Workshop
USTA North Carolina brought together dozens of high school tennis coaches from around the state to hone their skills at UNC Greensboro this year. Coaches participated in a variety of drills, learning everything from technique to managing practices.

If you attended this year's workshop, here are some important links for tournaments, leagues, upcoming events and more for your players.


Find a CTA

USTA North Carolina is pleased that our Community Tennis Associations have realized the benefits of developing their own web sites. To encourage this new communication tool, we are providing links here to these sites.

If you would like for your local Association to have a web presence, ask them to contact the NCTA office. We are happy to help in any way possible.