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2014 Singles League State Championships

Nearly 500 players headed to Goldsboro last weekend to compete at the 2014 Adult League Singles State Championships. Fourteen levels of mens' and women's teams were in action from Oct. 9-12 at Herman Park, Mount Olive College, Goldsboro Country club and several other sites around the area.

If you were a player in this year's tournament, be sure to visit our league tennis website for all Single State Championships information. Here you can find the final standings and results.

Friday night's player party hosted by RA Jefferys was held at Herman Park, and it included live music from "Spare Change" and complimentary beverages. All matches at this year's tournament have been on as scheduled, as the weather has been perfect through Friday and Saturday.

Be sure to keep up with all the news on future state tournaments and other events around the state on USTA North Carolina's Facebook and Twitter pages. 

List of winners:

Level Champion  
18 & Over Men's 3.0 Piedmont (captain Kevin Roley)
18 & Over Men's 3.5 Capital Area (captain Stephen Cole)
18 & Over Men's 4.0 Eno River (captain Nick Nguyen)
18 & Over Men's 4.5 Metro (captain Joel Nelson)
18 & Over Women's 2.5 Metro (captain Teneika Funderburk)
18 & Over Women's 3.0 Capital Area (captain Andra Kinlaw)
18 & Over Women's 3.5 Eno River (captain Carey Baddour)
18 & Over Women's 4.0 Metro (captain Alison Sherrill)
40 & Over Men's 3.0 Capital Area (captain Pete Vimmino)
40 & Over Men's 3.5 Capital Area (captain Stephen Cole)
40 & Over Men's 4.0 Capital Area (Scott Troutman)
40 & Over Men's 4.5 Capital Area (captain Dennis Dougherty)
40 & Over Women's 3.0 Sandhills (captain Lisa Nixon)
40 & Over Women's 3.5 Central Carolina (captain Lydia Pasteris)
40 & Over Women's 4.0 Central Carolina (captain Lysa Stylski)
55 & Over Men's 4.0 Capital Area (captain Ray Goldberg)


USMC colonel reaches state championship in first year as USTA member

People enlisted in the military don't exactly have a lot of time to play tennis on a regular basis. One commanding officer playing at the 2014 Singles League State Championships, though, hits the courts more often now that he isn't moving around on active duty as much.

Col. Tim Salmon, the base commanding officer (CO) at Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) New River in Jacksonville, became a USTA member for the first time this year. After traveling around the world in the Marine Corps, Salmon's position as the CO allows him to stay put in North Carolina.

Salmon joined the Marine Corps in 1982. His over 30-year career in the military has led to tours in multiple countries and several high-profile assignments. One of his most notable assignments came with the Presidential Helicopter Squadron from 1996-2000, which entailed escorting President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore during their tenure in office.

"Pretty much wherever (Clinton) was going around the world we would go. I've been all around the world supporting the President. Clinton was very nice, shaking our hands when he got on and off the aircraft. Occasionally you'd see him up at Camp David, but he was a busy man," Salmon said when asked about his interaction with the President.

After his tour serving the President, Salmon served as the Programs and Resources Program Development Officer and the Aviation Program Budget Officer in the Pentagon. He also served as the MAG-36 Assistant Operations Officer in Okinawa, Japan. Salmon's military background is extensive. His tennis career is still taking off now that he's stationed at MCAS New River.

"As the base CO, I'm responsible for all the facilities and the people that support the operating marine aircraft groups. There are 19 squadrons out there together. About 7,800 Marines, and their families, so you can double that number," Salmon said. "I play tennis probably 2-3 times a week. I play at Ole Port in Swansboro."

Salmon said his base has tennis courts, and they're in the process of resurfacing them this year. He hopes more Marines will get involved with the sport once that job is finished.

"There are some Marines who play tennis. They're usually pretty athletic. There aren't too many, though. But it's a great sport. I wish I played it earlier in my life," Salmon said. "I started playing after college a bit. I would play maybe 3-4 times a year instead of now several times a week. Normally I'm in a deployment cycle. We'd get on the boats and deploy with expeditionary units. Now that I'm a base CO I have a little more time to play."

If you're familiar with professional baseball, you might have heard Salmon's name before. He's been confused with Tim Salmon, a former pro who played his entire career in California with the Angels. Col. Salmon said he spent time on the West Coast in the past, and some people even took him to be the professional ball player at times.

Tennis is this Salmon's sport, though. He said he's in the third year of his five-year tour in North Carolina. After that he's considering retiring unless "something interesting comes up." Maybe that time off will lead to more state championship appearances. 

A battle with breast cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awarness month, and we saw plenty of pink on display at the Singles League State Championships. One team from Fayetteville decided to wear all pink to support a teammate's daughter who was diagnosed with breast cancer last month.

The Sandhills 40 & Over 3.5 women's team changed up their standard tennis gear to show support for teammate Sarah Scott, whose daughter has been battling breast cancer for nearly two months now. Scott immediately went to Florida to be by her daughter's side after the diagnosis. Her teammates have thought of her every day in her absence.

"It's very difficult not having her here since she's such a positive, up-beat teammate no matter what's going on. Having her not her with us has been tough," said Susan Brady.

While the team kept competing in their hope of winning a state championship, Scott has always been in their thoughts. 

"I've known her for about a decade, so it's a tough time for all of us. We've been in touch with her during the tournament. I try to check in every few days. We all want to show our support," said team captain Abigail Guadelupe.