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USTA North Carolina Notebook

2013 Awards Nominations

2013 State Championships

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Standing Lists

The points per round (PPR) ranking system will again be used with the intent to encourage participation and to award the play and accomplishments of North Carolina players.


Honor The Game

Quite a few years ago, USTA North Carolina led the way with an online PowerPoint we called the Parent Education Forum. It began to give parents a better understanding of what a tennis parent needs to do, and not do, as it relates to their child and tennis. We also sprinkled some rules to help cut down on some confusion at the tournament sites. Since that time the USTA Southern Section has developed a short video that gives parents a  better understanding of what he/she can do the help shepherd their child through junior tennis.


Great Sports Pins

Great Sports Pins

In an effort to promote good behavior and sportsmanship in junior tennis, we are starting our “Great Sports” program at select junior tournaments across the state.  Officials will now be able to award good behavior by presenting sportsmanship pins to juniors who exemplify exceptional sportsmanship during a match or tournament.

Examples of pin awards that occurred this past year at trial events:


NC Junior Summer State Closed winners

Nearly 500 junior players were in Cary from Aug. 6-10 for the 2014 NC Junior Summer State Closed, one of three L1 tournaments USTA North Carolina holds annually. Play at the top-level tournament was interrupted throughout the weekend by rain, but winners were eventually crowned at Cary Tennis Park.

The following list includes singles and doubles winners from each age division. Congratulations to all of our competitors!