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2013 Awards Nominations

2013 State Championships

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Standing Lists

The points per round (PPR) ranking system will again be used with the intent to encourage participation and to award the play and accomplishments of North Carolina players.


Great Sports Pins

Great Sports Pins

In an effort to promote good behavior and sportsmanship in junior tennis, we are starting our “Great Sports” program at select junior tournaments across the state.  Officials will now be able to award good behavior by presenting sportsmanship pins to juniors who exemplify exceptional sportsmanship during a match or tournament.

Examples of pin awards that occurred this past year at trial events:


NC Summer State Closed winners

The junior tennis scene was focused on the Cary Tennis Park from Aug. 5-9 for the NC Junior Summer State Closed. Nearly 500 players from across North Carolina traveled to compete in one of USTA North Carolina's biggest annual junior tournaments.

One of three Level 1 junior tournaments each year, the NC Junior Summer State Closed is among the top titles a junior player can win at the state level. Participation in these events continues to thrive, boasting some of the South's best competitors facing off against each other.


NC juniors step up in Southern Closed

North Carolina juniors showed off their skills at the Southern Closed Championships from June 13-19, winning nine titles across five age divisions. Ranging from boys and girls 10s-18s, North Carolina proved to have some of the toughest talent in the section.

Here are the Southern Closed champions and other top performers from North Carolina. *Top performers including a fourth place finish or higher