Standing Lists

The points per round (PPR) ranking system will again be used with the intent to encourage participation and to award the play and accomplishments of North Carolina players.

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Year-End Rankings

The USTA North Carolina annual year-end final singles ranking lists will include results only from the age division being ranked, and taking place during the applicable calendar year. Ranked players must have earned a minimum of 18 ranking points in the age division being ranked. A players' ranking will be based on his/her best SIX (6) tournament results. And, the player must meet any of the following tournament requirements:

a) Four (4) NC tournaments of any level.
b) A NC State Closed and two other NC tournaments of any level
c) One National Championship (not including National Opens) plus a NC State Closed and one other NC event of any level.
d) High School Tennis Varsity Letter plus three (3) other NC events of any level. - Satisfactory completion of a High School Varsity Letter will be determined by the high school. Players must contact the USTA North Carolina office by October 31st of the ranking year and turn the form back in to the USTA North Carolina office by December 1st to receive these credit. HS credit can be used in only one age division.

Players, please look at your player record. There are no appeals, but if there is an error in your record, you may submit that information to the USTA North Carolina via email to: rankings@nctennis.com or fax it to (336) 852-7334.

Junior State Closed Champions History

North Carolina is proud to bring you the North Carolina Junior State Closed Champions History!