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Tennis on Campus

The intent of the USTA Tennis on Campus program is to educate, promote, and grow recreational tennis on college campuses; in other words, to ‘bridge the gap’ between High School players and League tennis players.

With over 300,000 students playing High School tennis and only 15,000 playing College Varsity tennis, we found there to be a tremendous void in recreational tennis play on campuses around the county.   Most students don’t realize that there is a tremendous amount of recreational tennis opportunities on a college campus.   There’s intramural tennis, club team tennis, tennis in PE, or singles challenge ladders available on most campuses, and if you don’t have any of these we can help you get one started!

For more information on tennis at your campus, check out your Campus Opportunity! This guide documents Varsity tennis contacts, club tennis contacts and how to start a team, intramural options and how to start intramural programs, recreation and student life contacts, tennis in PE, and local Community Tennis Association (CTA) contacts.

Collegiate Club Team Tennis

USTA Team Tennis on College Campuses is a terrific way for former players to keep playing and bring along potential new players for a fun, coed team activity that’s fun, physical and friendly.  It only takes two guys and two girls to form a team!

The USTA Tennis on College Campus Program is a partnership between the Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA), the National Intramural, Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA), and the United States Tennis Association (USTA). The playing format is designed to be flexible, so that it will work on any campus and incorporate players of all ability levels.  The USTA Team Tennis on College Campus program has many benefits for the students and university, which include:

  • Social interaction
  • Emphasis on having fun with friends
  • A healthy physical workout
  • Eligibility for the USTA Team Tennis National Campus Championships
  • An increase in the use of campus tennis facilities
  • More support for the school’s varsity tennis teams
  • USTA Southern Section staff support
  • Curriculum guides and access to low cost equipment

For more information on playing for a USTA Collegiate Team Tennis program contact Caroline Downs at (336) 852-8577 or caroline@nctennis.com.

Intramural Tennis

Intramural Tennis is offered in a variety of recreational and competitive activities for all skill levels. Meet new people, socialize with friends, and enhance your physical well-being through participation in either a team and/or individual play option. Most schools offer one game a week and practice is usually optional, intramurals can easily fit into your schedule (games are typically played Sunday through Thursday in the evening). Some schools also offer 1-day tournaments, fun runs, and special events throughout the Fall and Spring.

Challenge Ladder


Challenge Ladders are the most flexible form of tennis competition available. You play whenever, wherever, and with whom you wish---you determine how often you play! A challenge ladder is a mechanism for ranking tennis players according to their skill levels. As members of the ladder play each other, their relative positions on the ladder are adjusted to reflect the results of their matches, their opponent's records, and how often they play. Challenge ladders are a fantastic way to meet more tennis players, play more tennis and develop your game. Ladders are the gentlest path to get involved in competitive tennis. USTA North Carolina has one available for your campus! Contact the USTA North Carolina to help you get started!

For more information on Tennis On Campus, contact Caroline Downs at (336) 852-8577 or caroline@nctennis.com.

For a complete list of the North Carolina Club Tennis Contacts, CLICK HERE.