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Become a USTA North Carolina Committee Member

USTA North Carolina has a long history of volunteer service in our communities and at our state level. Every two years, we retool our committees and Board of Directors and begin a new effort to promote and develop tennis in North Carolina.

To do so, we need a strong group of volunteers ready to serve. It's time again to recruit our volunteers to fill our USTA North Carolina committees.

The term of service begins in January 2018 and runs through December 2019. Please read through the description of the different committee offerings listed here and CLICK HERE to select your choices on the Committee Interest Form. Our hope is to notify selections by Thanksgiving.

USTA North Carolina holds an annual meeting at the beginning of each year at which time all committees and Board of Directors meet. In 2018, the meeting will be held in Pinehurst at the beautiful Carolina Hotel over the weekend of February 1-4, 2018. It's important that you are available to attend this meeting if you want to serve on a committee, but it's not required.

We offer a Volunteer Support policy to aid in the cost of the meeting. You may also be asked to participate in conference calls throughout the year and some committees require more than one face-to-face meeting.

Also, Community Tennis Associations (CTA) around the state are always looking for volunteers. If not selected for a state committee, your Committee Interest Form will be forwarded to your local CTA.

If you are interested in helping on either the North Carolina level or in your local community, please fill out the Committee Interest Form and submit it by September 18, 2017.


If you have any questions, please contact Kelly Gaines at kelly@nctennis.com.

USTA North Carolina Committee Member Application FAQs

  • How long will I serve in my committee?
    • The term will last for two years – January 1, 2018– December 31, 2019. 
  • Why do you have committees?
    • The expansion of programs sponsored by the USTA and NCTA requires a large volunteer base, so join the team of staff & volunteers that deliver quality programs to communities across North Carolina.
  • If I am currently serving on a USTA NC committee, do I need to apply again for the next term?
    • Yes, every person who wishes to serve on a NC committee must complete an online USTA North Carolina Committee Interest Form each term.
  • How many meetings will my committee have?
    • That depends on the committee.  Some committees, such as Leagues or JTT, are very active and meet several times a year, mostly via teleconference plus Tennis Weekend.  Other committees are more advisory in nature and meet at Tennis Weekend, with other matters are handled via email.
  • What is Tennis Weekend?
    • Tennis Weekend is a time for all of North Carolina’s tennis population to come together at the beautiful Carolina hotel in Pinehurst. Traditionally, meetings are held for the tennis professionals, tournament directors, USTA North Carolina Committees, NC Tennis Foundation Board of Directors and the USTA North Carolina Board of Directors. 
  • Sounds expensive- does USTA North Carolina help subsidize?
    • Yes, we have a Volunteer support policy.
  • How do I figure out what to volunteer for? 
    • For newcomers, it might be easiest to pick an area that you have experience and interest in.
  • How many committees should I sign up for?
    • We would like you to pick 3 that you would like to be considered for selection. The form will guide you.
  • Who picks the committees?
    • The slated incoming President and in 2018 it will be Donna Gast.
    • Staff has input as well, but the incoming President is the decider!
  • Who will be my contact with the USTA North Carolina staff?
    • Each committee is assigned a staff liaison and a board liaison
  • What factors are considered for appointment?
    • Experience/skills/expertise/competencies
    • Relevance to committee
    • Leadership competencies
    • Diversity
    • State geographic representation
    • Prior USTA North Carolina volunteer involvement
  • What if I don’t get selected for a committee? 
    • There are many more volunteers for USTA NC committees that there are slots available.  Please don’t get discouraged if you don’t get an assignment!  There are lots of opportunities in your local area where you can make an impact.  We can put you in touch with your local CTA for more information.