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Southern Tennis Patrons Foundation - Scholarships, Grants, and Other Financial Assistance

The Southern Tennis Patrons Foundation is offering several funding opportunities in 2017...

College Scholarships:  We offer 4 scholarships per year to incoming college freshmen @ $1,000/year for 4 years (as long as the student maintains a 3.0 GPA).  The primary criteria is academic results.  The student must be a tennis player, but being a top ranked player is not a requirement.  The application can be completed in 30 minutes.  Application deadline March 1.

Community Tennis Grants:  Grants ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 for year one, then 50% of that in year 2.  These grants are to promote growth and assist community tennis associations and other organizations in initiating and/or expanding USTA tennis programming at the grass roots level and educating the public on sportsmanship, character and the health benefits tennis provides.  Application deadline March 3.

Financial Assistance to Junior Players:  We’ve up the amounts available this year for these travel grants ($2,000 to players participating at the section level and $5,000 to players participating at the national level).  The family must have an income lower than $99,000/year.  These grants are available throughout the year.

Line Grants to assist with painting 36’ and 60’ lines on courts, available throughout the year.

For more information and to apply, CLICK HERE

Several scholarships are also available through the USTA Foundation, which awards scholarships to high school seniors who demonstrate academic achievement (GPA of no lower than 3.0), perform community/volunteer service, participate in organized youth tennis program and demonstrate financial need (household income of no more than $200,000 annually).

The 2017 USTA Foundation Scholarship program closes February 27 at 12 a.m. Top candidates will be selected by April 3, 2017 and notified via email to provide the following additional information; which is to be uploaded directly to students application (by logging onto their USTA Foundation Scholarship account). For more information and to apply, CLICK HERE